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About Political Consultants

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   About Political Consultants

        How to Select the Right Media Consultant
        By John Brabender
Over the years I have been involved in hundreds of pitches to perspective new clients.   The scenario is really quite consistent ...

        Consultants: Who Needs Them Anyway?
        By Gary Gray
Who needs a consultant to run a political campaign anyway? They cost money and if you've followed politics, you can pretty well figure it out on your own ...

        Leave Research To An Expert
        By Julie S. Copeland
Should a campaign do research? Yes – both self and opposition. But, campaign funds are best spent on the studious political researcher ...

        Should You Hire a Vendor for Your Voter File
        By Bob Blaemire
Like most decisions, nothing is always right or always wrong.  But there are certain arguments that should be considered by every campaign or party

        Consider Hiring a Political Coach
By Donna Zajonc  
I am often asked to explain what a political leadership coach is and why it is an emerging specialty within the coaching profession ...

        The Evolving Business of Political Consulting
        By Raymond D. Strother
There have been political consultants since the advent of democracies but the modern era evolved in a rush after Richard Nixon lost a debate to John Kennedy ...

        Do Women in Politics Face a Glass Ceiling?
        By Liz Chadderdon
Whenever an article is written about the professional glass ceiling for women, men get jumpy. They defensively point to articles written about women ...

        Do Political Consultants Talk Too Much To The Press?
        By Art Hackney
I personally find political commentary by consultants to be a good thing, even when I rage at one of the stupid statements made by ...