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Campaign Plan / Campaign Strategy

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   Campaign Plan / Campaign Strategy

        Negative Advertising - Does It Need To Be Truthful
        By Jason Stanford
I can tell you from experience what you already know: Contrary to overwhelming public misconceptions, politicians work overtime to tell the truth ...

        You Got The Most Votes ... Now What?
        By Dotty E. LeMieux
You had a hard fought battle in your four way non-partisan primary race.  You know that the top two vote getters will face off in the General election ...

        Campaigns Must Create Political Momentum
        By Winning Campaigns Staff Writer
You can’t win a political campaign without momentum. With momentum, campaigns roll to victory, without it, they linger into defeat ...

        Winning Your Race in the Final Weeks
        By Dotty E. LeMieux
Absentee Voters Acting More like Poll Voters: You may think with all the new absentee registrants, up to 80% in some Districts, that there’s not much ...

        Campaign 101: Local Races Can Learn from Major Campaigns
        By Brad Bannon
local political activists should be able to learn a lot about campaigns by watching the players in the larger, even presidential races ...

        Top Tips from the Political Trenches
        By Brian Kirwin
Through years of managing campaigns, I've learned a few truisms along the way.  I created none of these, but I swear by these seven rules ...

        Rehearsal Makes the Campaign A Winner
        By Allan Bonner
The actor said the rule of thumb is one hour of rehearsal for every minute on stage. They take even more time to master ...

        Your Top 5 Political New Years Resolutions
        By Joe Garecht
It's that time of year again – time to reflect on what worked last year, and what didn't... time to take a look at your plans for the upcoming year ...

        Avoid A Headache; Hire A Lawyer
        By Steve Meister, Esq.
As anyone in politics knows, just from reading the headlines overflowing from the Jack Abramoff burgeoning scandal on campaign contributions and political payoffs ...

        Challengers Have Many Advantages in Campaigns
By Holly Robichaud
We will still see an overwhelming majority of incumbents being re-elected, no matter how many so-called campaign finance reform laws are passed ...

        Never Underestimate The Value of Name Recognition
        Winning Campaigns Staff Writer
It's a cliché, but it's also dogma in a political campaign: "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression."

        How a Republican Won in Liberal Massachusetts
By Holly Robichaud
While most Northeast states lost Republican legislative seats, one GOP candidate was able to squeeze out a victory in sea of blue success ...

        Repeat My Name…Again and Again and Again and…
        By Winning Campaigns Staff Writer
Candidates must understand that political campaigns, at their heart, are marketing campaigns.  And, like any marketing effort ...

        The Seven ‘Deadly Sins’ of Campaigning
        By Winning Campaigns Staff Writer
Running for office is hard.  Politics is a world unto itself, and many first-time candidates find it hard to navigate the tricky waters of a political campaign ...