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Campaigning, The Internet, and Technology

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   Campaigning, The Internet, and Technology

        The Need For Political Technology
        By Peter B. Kelly
In today’s campaign environment, many candidates find themselves faced with a dizzying array of new and updated technologies ...

        Connecting The Sticks... Getting Your Message To Rural Communities
        By Sarah Burris
If there is one thing that my friends take for granted, it’s the Internet. We’re grateful for our computers, iPods, cell phones, iPhones, and Blackberries, but ...

        Raising Campaign Contributions Online
        By Kami Razvan
In this age of Internet politics, the challenges of “innovation” and “technology” keep perking up in discussions about raising campaign money online ...

        Things to Consider Before Campaigning in Cyberspace
        By Christopher Massicotte
Whether you are running for President of the United States or for auditor of your municipality, the short answer to the question, Do I really need a web site ...

        Olí Dogs of Politics Versus New Technology
        By Art Murray
In today's world, technology has soared so that those who are technologically current have a decisive advantage over those who are not ...

        Making Online Campaign Technology Affordable
        By Jim Barney
When a friend turned would-be state politician, it didn't take long before he realized the role of technology and its importance to a small and under-funded campaign ...

        Does Your Campaign Website Need a Blog?
        By Chris Massicotte
The first two questions I am asked by “down-ballot” campaigns building their websites is, “What is a blog? Do I really need one?” ...

        Kicking Off a Successful Online Political Campaign
        by Phil Tajitsu Nash and Emilienne Ireland
Today, every campaign has a website, and some are even using blogs, RSS feeds, Facebook, and other tools to reach out to a wide audience ... 

        Using the Internet to Raise Campaign Contributions
        By Winning Campaigns Staff Writer
We’ve all heard the success stories of fundraising as candidates turn to the traditional methods of raising money from their supporters via house parties, fundraising events ...