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About Political Phone Calls

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   About Political Phone Calls

        Telephone Calls are Essential for Campaigns
        By Holly Robichaud and Dan Tripp
Phones are a multi-purpose campaign tool. They are used to raise money, organize volunteers, deliver messages, increase or decrease voter turnout ...

        Phones Work and Can Mean The Difference in Elections
        By Winning Campaigns Staff Writer
A professional phone bank is probably the most efficient way to get to the voters as they prepare to vote or avoid the vote ...

        Campaigns Explore Old Faithful Frontier - Phones
        By Zac Palmer
Consultants and campaign managers have realized that the “old-fashioned” phone call still holds an incredibly valuable place in voter outreach ...

        Robo-calls Reached 64% of Voters in Last Two Months of Election
        Pew Internet & American Life Project
Nearly two-thirds of registered voters (64%) received recorded telephone messages in the final stages of the election ...

        Selecting Your Phone Vendor
        By Winning Campaigns Staff Writer
When selecting the “right” telephone vendor to handle your campaign, it's imperative that you examine a number of factors ...