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About Polling

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   About Polling

        A Consumer Guide To Getting The Most Out of Your Poll
        By Brad Bannon
After years of struggle, the campaign industry has reached a point, I hope, where just about everybody in the business understands the necessity of polling ...

        Language Barriers Reduce Hispanic Poll Accuracy
        By Suzanne Irizarry de López
While both political parties have embarked on major efforts to woo the Spanish speaking voter market, neither has taken the major step of reaching ...

        Use Polls and Focus Groups in Political Campaigns
        By Brad Bannon
Survey research is more than numbers; it is about words and feelings. For this reason, survey research should be about focus groups ...

        Is It Time To End Early Reporting of Exit Polls?
        By Michael D. Cohen, Ph.D
Exit pollsters are getting a well-deserved beating in light of their third straight fiasco in as many major election years ...

        Public, Political Perceptions & Goals Differ From Polls
        By Brad Bannon
At the national, state and local level there are a lot of angry voters these days and a lot of that anger is a function of the chasm between the issues ...