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   Special Interest For The Real Politico

        High Stakes Politics ... Not Unlike High Stakes Poker
        By David Rabinowe
Turn on the television almost any hour of the day and there are three things you are guaranteed to be able to watch, no matter what time it is ...

        What Pollsters Faced in 2008 - A Perfect Storm
        By Brad Bannon
Public opinion in 2008 was as stable as Britney Spears and a lot less predictable. The volatility of campaigns made the lives of politicians and pollsters more than difficult ...

        Two Points of View
Anonymous Authors
Two humorous stories from opposing view points regarding our two major political ideologies, Republican and Democrat ... 

        Healing Post-Partisan Depression
        By Donna Zajonc
Like hopeful new parents anticipating the birth of their first child, the nation anxiously awaited to see the face of the future ...

        Politics Like Baseball But More Expensive
        By David I. Rabinowe
The 2004 campaign season is over -- time for the “political hot stove” to heat up – and much like baseball - the biggest news involves $$$ ...

        How a Coalition of Police Officers and Citizens Took on the Mayor of Minneapolis and Won
        By Michael R. Shannon
At that time, in early November 2004, Mayor R. T. Rybak was working hard to pass a budget plan that cut eight police officers from ...

        And The Winner IS - The Presidency 2008
        By Anonymous Author
Just for fun, let's take a look back at the odds makers assessment of the Presidential race in 2007 / 2008 and where they placed Obama's chances ...

        Looking Back - It’s a Horserace …But Nobody Knows Who’s Running
        By Tom Edmonds
Written After the 2006 Mid-Term Elections
With a presidential election on the distant horizon, everybody seems to want to predict what's going to happen ...

        The Most Expensive Job Search Ever
        By David Rabinowe, Esq.
Imagine for a moment, if someone told you there was an opening at your dream job -- the one you wanted all your life. It has everything ...

        The Lighter Side of Politics
        Anonymous Humour
A cowboy named Bud was overseeing his herd in a remote mountainous pasture in California when suddenly a brand-new BMW ...

        Beyond The Beltway - Issues In State And Local Politics
        By Brad Bannon
For a number of reasons, state and local governments will be on their own trying to solve some of the most pressing problems facing the nation ...

        All Politics Still Local Despite What Polls Say
By Michael Cohen
The most recent obsession in election analysis is to pre-certify that 2006 will be the first off-year national election since 1994 ...