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The Candidate

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   The Candidate

        Winning Tips For Political Candidates
        By Ron Faucheux
The following bits of advice are offered to candidates as they jump into the campaign fray. As you read each one, stop and think about what it means ...

        Image Can Make the Difference
        By Allan Bonner
Very often winning campaigns boil down to such mundane issues as hand sanitizer. After all, name recognition, personal contact with voters and image play huge rolls ...

        Candidates Must Look like a Leader
        By Lillian Brown
There is a specific combination required of every person seeking office that can make them a winner –   appearance, message, body language, speech ...

        Men - Winning Over Women
        By Todd Myers
a lesson that every man running against a woman should remember: male candidates can have advantages, as well as disadvantages, when running against women ...

        Candidates Must Prepare With Logical Steps
        By Holly Robichaud
Campaigns in this modern age of electioneering have to start early due to the expense in running. If for no other reason, the earlier you start the more you will raise ...

        Candidates Must be Wary When They Talk
        By Allan Bonner
In the early days of the American republic it was considered crass to seek election. So, candidates engaged in “front porch” campaigns, writing letters of concern ...