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About Winning Campaigns

Winning Campaigns, a multi-faceted publishing organization serving the political field, was founded in 2002. Our organization represents the most effective media buy you will find anywhere in the political campaign marketplace, distributed to political consultants,  elected officials, candidates running for political office, and the decision makers at lobbying firms, public & governmental affairs, and trade associations.

Winning Campaigns Magazine
Winning Campaigns magazine is a direct circulation monthly serving the political campaign marketplace. A controlled circulation resulting from our database of political consultants and candidates for office throughout the country include federal (US Senate and House of Representatives) and elected state constitutional officers, including State Senate & State House members, local candidates sourced from board of elections filing data and assorted published information sources, and the decision makers at lobbying firms, public & governmental affairs, and trade associations.

Winning Campaigns.org Online
Located at www.winningcampaigns.org, political consultants, campaign managers, and candidates
throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America look to WinningCampaigns.org to get information on campaign products & services, as well as articles written by political consultants on "how to" manage a political campaign.

Blue Ribbon Directory
The Blue Ribbon Directory of Political Consultants, Products, & Services is published annually by Winning Campaigns.  The Blue Ribbon Directory is your resource for political consultants, products, and services for the campaign management industry from across the U.S. and Canada.  The directory is published and distributed in an indexed magazine format and can be accessed online at WinningCampaigns.org.

Targeted eCampaignNews Marketing
Our proprietary email newsletter program was created to achieve various marketing objectives such as announcement of a product release, publishing an email newsletter, targeting new prospects for your products and services, or inform an existing client base about your latest news and developments. We can make use of our extensive, highly qualified database and / or incorporate your own contact lists.

Our Roots - The Management Team

WINNING CAMPAIGNS was originally created by Alan L. Locke and since has developed into a major direct circulation monthly magazine serving the political marketplace. 


Punta Gorda, FL
December 13, 2009

Winning Campaigns' Founder, Alan Locke passed away this morning in Florida, comforted by his family after a lengthy battle with cancer.  He will be missed not only by his family and his many friends, but by an industry that he was dedicated to for many years.

Prior to creating Winning Campaigns, Alan Locke was Vice President of Operations and Consultant/Director of Political Training at Campaigns & Elections magazine in Washington, DC for eight years. Mr. Locke has also been publisher of Business Magazine, a chain of business-related magazines with circulation in excess of 100,000 in the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

During his distinguished career, Alan was associated with the late Ambassador William Colby, former director of Central Intelligence for the United States. He is a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of the National Leadership Forum on Global Affairs. In addition, he has been involved in a number of political campaigns on national and local levels including presidential, gubernatorial and down ballot. His clients have included Campaigns & Elections magazine, the National Leadership Forum on Global Affairs, Congressional Quarterly, Inc., KCI Publishing, Inc., the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, the United States Naval Reserve and the United States Coast Guard.

Alan and Betty Locke during happier times.
Alan and Betty Locke during happier times in Punta Gorda, Florida

Alan was a national speaker on Media Relations/Crisis Management and Political Campaigning and Management Techniques. He had been called upon as an analyst of the American political scene and on foreign affairs for international political, business and academic leaders. He had served as a television guest commentator on political matters for a national financial newsletter.

During his distinguished career, Mr. Locke was an editor and columnist for several newspapers and had also served as Director of Public Affairs for The Association of Trial Lawyers of America. He had been an Adjunct Professor of Management and Marketing Techniques, Media Relations and Public Relations at Boston University, Boston, MA; Trinity College, Washington, DC; Suffolk University School of Management, Boston, MA; The Washington (DC) Center and Northern Virginia Community College. Alan was a graduate of Boston University with a degree in Public Relations.

Alan Locke unofficially retired to Florida and from the industry in 2007, but to those who knew him well, he never really retired.  In 2009, Alan\'s contribution to the industry was recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants, who currently maintain a scholarship in his honor.

Alan Locke is survived by, among others, his wife and partner, Betty Locke.  We will all miss Alan and mourn his untimely passing.

We send our deepest condolences to Betty and the rest of the Locke family.

The Winning Campaigns staff