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Learn From the Experts

WC Political Webinars

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Let’s face it...
it is increasingly difficult and expensive to attend "live" campaign management training seminars that are presented only in major cities like Washington, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago.

Now, you can “Learn from the Experts,” while saving the expense of travel, accommodations, and other resources, including the time committed to traveling to 3 and 4 day seminars located in far away cities.   

Attend all 10 sessions to hear the most practical, cutting edge political campaign advice, see demonstrations, and learn expert tips presented for the first time in our online webinar classroom! WC Webinars will be 60 to 90 minutes in length and include the opportunity to get answers to your personal questions.

Who Should Attend:
Candidates, Campaign Managers and staff, Elected Officials, Party Activists, Issue Advocates, Political Professionals, Consultants, Campaign Specialists, Political Junkies and more.

To Register For WC Political Webinars

Step 1 - Review the topics and
calculate the webinar credits needed to register for your selections;
Step 2 - Purchase the number of credits required, but note that bonus credits are applied after 30 and 80 credit purchases;
Step 3 - After completing your purchase of credits, you will receive an email confirmation and instructions;
Step 4 - The transaction window and your email confirmation will include secure login access to our Webinar Registration Center. Login, select and confirm your registration. Our system will confirm your registration by email. On the day of the webinar, you will return to the Webinar Registration Center to select the ATTEND NOW opportunity.
Attend Winning Campaigns Webinars and Learn from the Experts in the comfort of your surroundings, at a fraction of the cost.

What if I miss my webinar....
this is not a concern with WC Webinars.  Each session will be recorded and provided to those registered after the session.  Whether you attend or not, you can play the session over and over in order to reap the greatest benefit from our experts... in fact, play it until you are an expert too!

If you’re involved in running for office, managing a campaign, directing a political committee, or advocating a cause or issue... don’t miss this convenient opportunity to Learn from the Experts in our industry!

Stay ahead of the curve! Join with leading experts and media insiders, ask your questions and get answers about the latest trends in political campaigning.  Learn from the Experts with years of practical experience, who have won the tough elections at the local, state, and national levels both here in the US and around the globe.